From Him We Came, To Him We Shall Return..

‘My teacher used to tell us a story about this married couple. They had only one child, & that too came very late in their life.
After 18 years of age, the son was graduating from high school. So his parents bought him a motorcycle as a gift. After his graduation, he was returning home on his motorcycle when he got into an accident. Unfortunately, he didn’t survive.
A young kid just died like that. He was the only child, their joy, their pride. It was the day he graduated.

The news comes that he’s gone. The parents got into a serious depression. It took them a very long time to come out from this trauma.

Finally after many weeks, the husband came to his wife & told her, “You know, Allah actually gave us a toy & He let us play with it for 18 years. It was His, it was never ours. He took back what was His. But instead of being grateful that He let us enjoy our Life for 18 years, we’re being like this. No, we should be grateful.”

This is maintaining your Faith(Iman) even through calamity. Because when calamity hits us, we tend to feel like,’Allah owes me something. Allah owes me my health. Allah owes me my children. Allah owes me my wealth. Allah owes me my job.’
Allah don’t owe us Anything. We OWE Allah Everything, because
– Allah OWNS Everything.
I don’t own my fingers, I don’t own my eyes, I don’t own my face. I don’t own any of them. I don’t even own my soul. So if Allah takes any of them from us, it’s a reminder that we don’t own them. Everything we have is a Blessing given by Allah. So remember, we shall be questioned by every Blessing given to us.

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